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Myfanwy Lloyd


Myfanwy is a historian with a wealth of experience outside the ivory towers. She has worked with museums and community groups on exhibitions, projects and oral history collection, with a particular focus on ‘difficult’ histories and challenging stories. Her regular teaching for the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University focuses on memory studies, new ways of writing history, and women’s narratives.


After completing her PhD in History, Myfanwy worked as a Research Fellow at the Department of Social Policy in Oxford University before moving to Oxfordshire County Council as an Equalities Adviser. She has extensive experience of research, policy, and working in politically complex situations.


As a freelance Programme Manager for the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Myfanwy built up a network of Academic Advisers and collaboration with national museums. Her work always reflects her ongoing commitment to social inclusion, with engagement projects that have included refugees and asylum seekers, pupils at risk of school exclusion, schools in areas of relative deprivation, and forging links between charities and Oxford University.


She is experienced at negotiating in-kind support for voluntary institutions and is particularly proud to have secured the free loan of a collection of Second World War military underwear for a recent exhibition.