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Myfanwy Lloyd


Dr Myfanwy Lloyd is an historian with a wealth of experience outside the ivory towers. She has worked with museums and community groups on exhibitions, projects and oral history collection, with a particular focus on ‘difficult’ histories and challenging stories. Her regular teaching for the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University focuses on memory studies, new ways of writing history, and women’s narratives.

Current research includes ‘Letters from Liberation: Naomi and Arthur’, supported by the Holocaust Museum Houston and the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum. She co-curated ‘Owning the Past: From Mesopotamia to Iraq’ at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, developed with local people from the Middle East diaspora. Her previous initiative, the ‘Nice Cup of Tea’ programme of exhibitions & events linked the everyday cup of tea to the complex history of Empire, colonial trade and transatlantic slavery. See her projects here.

Myfanwy has extensive experience of turning archival research and scholarly text into engaging narrative, accessible talks and visually stimulating exhibition ideas. She is creative and imaginative, always looking for the ways in which to link history to current concerns and to widen the public interest in the historical.

Her work reflects her ongoing commitment to social inclusion, with engagement projects that have included refugees and asylum seekers, pupils at risk of school exclusion, schools in areas of relative deprivation, and forging links between charities and Oxford University.

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